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Why we're different

Everyone says they’re different, but it’s what they do that counts.

We like to stand out from the crowd on a number of levels.

We think strategy first and foremost

Anyone can come up with a content plan and they’ll probably write some pretty good articles. The trouble is just because something is well written, doesn’t mean it’ll work. A good content strategy is the backbone of any content marketing campaign – highly focused and targeted planning that plays to audience motivators at each stage of the buying cycle and works hard to draw them in.

We bring a ‘whole field of ponies to the table’

In the words of Apprentice candidate, Stuart Baggs, ‘we’re not just one trick ponies, we bring a whole field of ponies to the table’. Jesting aside, too many providers come at this game from one single channel of expertise (whether it’s SEO, social media, PR, copywriting or email marketing). That means duplicating resource, cost and thinking. Your customers don’t think in single channels. So our services are entirely integrated and comprehensive to make the most of your budget and resources.

Our expertise lies with businesses who sell to businesses

Marketing to consumers is a very different beast from marketing to other businesses. For starters – there are usually several people and umpteen more factors in every business decision, not just one. Naturally this varies from sector to sector. It takes specialist knowledge to do business marketing justice. And that’s why we’re B2B specialists, plain and simple.

We work with independent, aspiring businesses only

While other marketing agencies might service their smaller clients waiting to land the ‘big fish’ aka the blue chip, we actively choose you, the companies where we know we can make a difference.

The truth is we’ve worked with large corporate for years. It doesn’t take a genius to get results with millions of pounds to spend. It’s much harder to succeed when budgets are focused and where every marketing pound counts.

Finally, we don’t beat around the bush

If we think you’re doing a good job already, we’ll tell you. If we think something needs work, we’ll tell you. We’ll tell you exactly where we think there’s a problem, why it’s a problem, what needs to change and how we can help you change it. Life’s too short to play politics, talk in code and waffle. So we don’t bother.

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