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Agency experts backed to bring vital leads through content marketing

- serial creative entrepreneur Mark Mason backs Marketing Clout in launch of content marketing proposition -

Growing businesses are promised more leads, higher awareness and more satisfied customers using the latest digital marketing techniques from content marketing start-up, Marketing Clout.

With traditional marketing delivering fewer and fewer returns, Marketing Clout focuses on attracting customers with high quality, targeted content delivered through a multitude of channels: search, social media, PR, email to name a few.

Its motto – Be Relevant - Be Visible - Be Chosen reflects the digital age where 90% of customers now start their search for products / services online, ignoring traditional sales channels.

“If businesses knew how many customers they were missing every day – simply because they’re not visible where they need to be, they’d be rethinking their marketing approach,” said Susie McFarland, director at Marketing Clout.

Marketing Clout has been set up by ex-Mason Zimbler departmental heads, Lucinda Brook and Susie McFarland.

Mark Mason, who sold B2B marketing agency, Mason Zimbler, in 2008 and is behind successful mobile applications company, Mubaloo, has been appointed Executive Director having negotiated an investment deal with the start-up.

“Most businesses have dabbled with blogging and social media –but they quickly get disillusioned as they struggle to create regular, compelling material and they simply don’t know how to work it effectively,” continued Lucinda Brook, director at Marketing Clout.

“If you want real results, you need an intelligent, focused strategy and the resources and know-how to pull all the right levers. That’s where Marketing Clout comes in and how we can make a real difference to our customers.”

About Marketing Clout

Marketing Clout is a new breed of marketing service provider for a new age of content-driven consumption. Its services address the growing audience of self-educating prospects, highly resistant to traditional marketing techniques.

By designing customer-focused content, which is then optimised and distributed through multiple marketing channels, they attract, engage and convert customers in a process that is highly efficient and effective.

Marketing Clout offers a range of cost effective packages designed for both small and medium-sized businesses with monthly retainers including:

  • Marketing audit
  • Content strategy
  • Content systems set up
  • Content writing
  • Content marketing delivery
  • Reporting and analysis


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