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Meet the team

With years’ of experience under our belts, Marketing Clout is a team of heavyweight marketers (strategic and tactical) who specialise in content marketing services for business growth.

Our clients tell us we’re ‘refreshingly honest’. I suppose that means we don’t mince our words but at least we do it with a smile :)

Lucinda Brook, Director (responsible for strategy)

Ex-director of strategy (planning or one might say cunning) at one of the South West’s largest agencies Lucinda is the brains behind scores of digital campaigns, brand reinventions and clever thinking with clients ranging from the big names such as Microsoft, Google and Experian, to the little names too. Her passion lies with understanding what makes customers tick (or target audience as us marketers like to call it) which makes content strategies that touch more effective.

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Susie McFarland, Director (responsible for operations)

She should have been a lion tamer but fortunately, marketing agencies throughout the West secured Susie’s services as Head of Client Services at both Mason Zimbler and latterly digital agency, e3. Her clients have included Microsoft, SAS, The National Trust, Toshiba and Monster Jobs. Susie literally has experience coming out of her ears and is a keen social media evangelist. She also has an uncanny knack of uncovering exactly what clients want, and never fails to deliver against expectations.

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Mark Mason, Executive Director

Mark’s background is firmly entrenched in building and financing successful digital businesses in developing markets. After selling his digital marketing agency, Mason Zimbler in 2008, Mark founded Mubaloo, the UK’s leading developer in smartphone applications for business.



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